American poet, activist and artist believes any people with any talent should work to spread justice and equality in the world.
Amir Sulaiman, who attends the New Horizon Conference in Tehran for the second time, says the US is not a heaven for all races, as they claim.
“It hasn’t been a heaven for the people from my race (Afro-Americans) for sure, it is a place that requires a lot of work to be done for the races to be able to live with freedom and justice and equality. So, that is what should be done in the US,” he says.
Acclaimed poet Sulaiman believes any person with any talent must do something to show protest against racial discrimination in the US. “Any person gifted with something, it could be economic, political or cultural or whatever, can show protest, even a mother or a wife who stays at home.”
“They can do anything to show hatred against black discrimination and racism. Mothers can raise children who think different, who may work against racism. Some people are good with money, they can provide economic freedom. People like me, can resort to poetry, language, culture, so I use that to spread justice and inspire the people and give people courage, but this is just one part to bring freedom and justice. There are many other ways every person can do to have a role in spreading justice in the world.”
Answering the questions of Mehr News reporter on the sidelines of the third edition of Iran’s International New Horizon Independent Conference, African American poet Sulaiman expressed happiness he is in Iran for the second time describing it a wonderful place.
He said, “Racism is a problem that affects everyone so the solution has to come from everyone and it begins in the hearts.”
He said Afro-Americans in the US are treated as if they are immigrants, “it’s like we are not American, they consider us the most dangerous people.”
“It is our place, we have made our place. There is no origin for us to go back, here is our origin,” he underlined.
He expressed gratitude over the holding of such an event in Iran calling it a unique event among Muslim countries.
“It is a strange, wonderful, beautiful occasion where the people can come together with mutual respect.”